Finding The Best Attorneys in Athens & Atlanta, Georgia

Personal injury law is one of the most complex areas of law in the U.S. and requires some of the most experience lawyers to handle your case.  If you or someone you know or love has been injured and requires and attorney to handle your case, then call the best rated personal injury lawyer in Atlanta today.  Michael Daniel has years of experience and a perfect 10 out of 10 rating on Avvo, as rated by both previous clients and colleagues.


Have you ever found yourself struggling to the find the absolute best attorneys in the Athens or Atlanta area?  It’s always been funny to me how lawyers are like the type of people you never realize how much you like them, or appreciate them, until you actually need them.  It’s for this very reason that you always want to have handy a list of attorneys in Athens and Atlanta that you can turn to quickly – when you need them the most to come in and provide their legal expertise.  Below is a list of my preferred attorneys in Athens and Atlanta based on the specific area of practice:

So there you have it – my best recommendations for attorneys in the Athens and Atlanta area.

Are there some other attorneys that you’d recommend in the Athens or Atlanta, Georgia area?